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What students say

Testimonials from current students about the course and textbooks.
Mike M.

Mike M.

Truck Driver

"He breaks it down so beginners like me can understand. Very good course. I'm learning a lot."

Ashley S.

Ashley S.


"It has a ton of information packed into a small book. That's one of its best worst features though. On one hand I love the fact that the author trimmed all the fat and got right down to it which makes it great for traders that already know a great deal about trading. But, if I was a brand-new traitor I would find the book a little much."

Luckily, the course explains what everything is in the book.




"I have been a forex trader for 8 years and am always on the look out for ways of learning more and as markets change over time and what worked last year may not work this year as forex is very fluid.

Infographical Forex is like no other book that I have seen on forex or indeed any other subject matter. When dealing with trading, pictures really do speak a thousand words. This is a great book which has obviously been well thought out and presented in a great way. Ideal for beginners through to the advanced."