Work from home, start a new career or set-up a semi-passive income.  Whatever your financial goal, forex trading can get you there.

First watch this lecture:

Summary of the lecture:

  • This foreign exchange trading course covers everything you’ll need to go from beginner to professional.
  • Two course books (written by the instructor) included with the course.
  • The trading platform used in the course is MT4 (Metatrader 4)–which is free.
  • Indicators are included to help with your trading journey.
  • Instructor is a former hedge fund manager.

Next, download the resources of this lecture (Optional):

Infographical Forex (Kindle)

Forex Survival Manual (Kindle)

If you want the physical print versions of the textbooks as well, and I recommend you get them, they can be found on Amazon.  The cost is negligible compared to the journey you have just started.  Here are the links for Amazon US:

Infographical Forex (Print)

Forex Survival Manual (Print)

For other countries, just search their titles in Amazon.  They should be there.

Third, download (and print out) the syllabus:

Forex Course and Signals Syllabus

Check off the lectures as you complete them.  Make sure you watch all of them at least once.  Re-watch them as you see fit.

The next lecture is on:  Disclaimer


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