This lecture covers how to best use this course.


Summary of the lecture:

  • Lots of topics will be covered in this course.
  • You don’t have to master all of them, but you need to be familiar with all of them.
  • This course provides the knowledge to trade forex successfully.  It is up to each individual student to develop his/her own strategies, test them, and determine if they are good or not.
  • The goal is to produce confident traders.
  • The course will teach which strategies are more suited for which type of traders.
  • Factors to consider include:
    • Psychology
    • Time available to trade
    • Which pairs to trade?
    • Which indicators to use?
    • Risk profile
    • GOALS
    • Imagine you are trading a $1,000,000 account instead of a $1,000 account.

The infographics used in this lecture:

The next lecture is: What is Forex?

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