The goal of this site is to teach people to trade the forex market.  By providing trading signals, the trader is no longer trading.  The trader is copying and pasting.

What would be more beneficial to the trader to help in his trading?  To provide trading tools that may help the trader in trading decisions.  Therefore, signals will no longer be provided here.  Instead, I want you to join a trading room where daytraders make millions in.  I am in this room as well, and have been a part of it for years.  It is the best scalping room for forex trading.  Here is the link:

BOTS Live Trading Room

This trading room is all you need to further your forex journey into the stratosphere.

If for some reason you don’t like the room and prefer just signals, then this one is the one you’re looking for:

Trade Command Center

Don’t forget to get the books below also:


Textbook 1: Infographical Forex

Textbook 2:  Forex Survival Manual


  • Please complete the course first before joining the trading room as you will have fewer questions when actually in the room.
  • Combine what you learned in the course with what they recommend in the room.
  • Remember, you are a millionaire trader–act like one.

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